Frequently Asked Questions & Pricing

Q: What are your repair rates?
A: We charge $89/hr for regular repairs with a 1/2 hour minimum (unless it’s something really quick and easy, in which case it’s probably “on the house”). We bill in quarter-hour increments after the first hour. Expedited rush service is available for $129/hr, which enables you to basically ‘cut the line’ — great if you just can’t wait a few extra days for the repair to be done. Individual one-on-one training is $89/hr. Onsite service is $149/hr with a possible additional trip charge, depending on your distance from the store, and there is a one-hour minimum for onsites.

Q: What do you charge for iPhone or iPad screen repairs?
A: iPhone 7 (not currently offered). iPhone 6/6s Plus = $99.  iPhone 6/6s = $99, iPhone 5s/5c/5 = $89.  iPad Mini/Pro/Air (not currently offered).  iPad 2/3/4 = $79.  We will also beat any verifiable local competitor’s price on any iPhone or iPad repair, so let us know if you find a better deal.

Q: Do I need an appointment to bring in my computer for a repair?
A: Nope. No appointment, no waiting…just come by at YOUR convenience anytime we’re open and we’ll get you taken care of.

Q: Do you offer military or senior discounts?
A: We sure do! Active-duty military and seniors 65 and over receive 5% off anything in the store, and 10% off any repair (including parts & labor). Just bring in ID or other proof of your status and we’ll take care of you!

Q: Do you rent computers?
A: We sure do. We offer short-term “loaners” if your repair is going to take a while (waiting on a part, for example), or you need a computer in the interim. We offer daily and weekly rentals if you just need another computer for a special two-week project. Rental rates vary by computer and circumstances but are generally quite affordable. We don’t really offer long-term (over 30 days) rentals or lease options, as we find those to not be very cost-effective for you…if you need something long term, we recommend talking to a leasing company or a formal computer rental company.

Q: Do you do data recovery? What does it cost?
A: We offer very affordable data recovery services. Most dedicated data recovery shops will charge you between $500 and $2500 to recover data off a failing hard drive. Our prices range from $89 to $267 generally. If we can’t get your data there’s generally either NO fee at all, or if we’ve really spent a lot of time on it and still couldn’t get anything, it’s a nominal $89 charge. Data recovery is a tricky art…sometimes the drive is just dead, dead, and there’s nothing we can do. Other times it takes a lot of coaxing and special tools and techniques. We’ve got a very high historical success rate, probably 80% or better. If we can’t get your data we can refer you to a few good local shops that can provide more advanced services such as disassembling your hard drive in a special “Clean Room” and replacing failing parts. That type of service does typically run a few thousand dollars, so we always recommend letting us have a crack at it first, since you’ll save at least several hundred dollars that way.

Q: Do you sell memory for older computers (or new computers for that matter)?
A: We sell EVERYTHING for all types of Macs (old and new), whether it’s memory, upgrades, or accessories. Because market prices fluctuate regularly, please email us for current pricing and availability. Our prices are generally below those found at other local retail stores.

Q: Do you match prices from other stores?
A: We are happy to match or beat local mom-and-pop competitor’s prices, so feel free to call us last. We may not always be the cheapest on the planet, but we CAN promise to always give you the best, personalized service and generally immediate in-stock availability on most common items.

Q: Are (or were) you an Apple Authorized Service Provider?
A: We used to be an Apple Authorized Service Provider, but after careful consideration of our customer’s needs and our business model and plans, we decided it was actually best to drop our authorization.  Being Apple Authorized means mainly that we could repair “Apple warranty” equipment.  That’s about the extent of the advantage of being Apple Authorized.  However, the Apple retail stores obviously do this as well, and much of our goal has been to complement, not compete, with the Apple stores.  On the flip side, being Apple Authorized technically prohibited us from doing a bunch of things our customers truly needed: fixing iPhones and iPads, performing hard drive upgrades (even on machines that weren’t under warranty, Apple didn’t want us giving you upgrade options), sourcing the most affordable repair parts, selling via mail order, and more.  As a customer, would you rather we repair your computer with a part refurbished by Apple for $800, or the exact same part refurbished by a reputable third-party supplier, with the same warranty (or usually better), for $400?  Would you want us to be able to sell you a larger hard drive when you run out of space?  We felt the choice was obvious, so we made the change at the end of April 2017 to drop our Authorization.  Our repair technicians are still Apple Certified, we still use the same quality diagnostic procedures…the only change for you, our beloved customer, is more options, and better prices.  We know this causes an inconvenience for those of you who preferred using us for warranty repairs, and we apologize, but we felt the benefits far outweighed the costs.

Q: Do you sell mail order?
A: We will be launching our online store in Spring 2017.  If you’re local we still strongly encourage you to stop by, because part of our commitment to you is to provide “Exceptional Experiences” in our store. We want to talk to you about your needs, your budget, your experience level, and help you find just the right computer…you may find something you hadn’t initially thought about! It’s not always just about “specs and a dollar figure”. So we encourage a little personal interaction in your shopping process, and that’s where we really shine. Don’t be shy…stop by and see what we’re talking about!

Q: Do you stock many parts?
A: One thing that sets us apart from some of the smaller guys out there is our huge inventory of parts and equipment. We have probably 80% of all repair parts needed in stock and ready to go, so there’s less waiting around like you get with some of these other places. Obviously we can’t stock everything, so there are occasions when we run out, or need to order in parts, but we have a huge array of sources to get you the best prices and quickest availability on hard-to-find parts and other items.

Q: Do you sell service parts directly to customers?
A: In general, no. For the most part we encourage you “do-it-yourselfers” to pay a few bucks and have your repair done by a professional…we can’t tell you how many times a resourceful fellow has brought in a total mess to have us clean up after they tried to fix something themselves and ended up with 12 extra screws and a non-working laptop. One improperly detached cable can end up turning your “$80 savings” into an extra “$800 repair” due to a damaged logic board. Because of warranty concerns over the delicate nature of internal parts, and the expertise required in installing them, we don’t sell standalone parts like logic boards, screens, etc. Some customer-installable parts like hard drives, RAM, etc, we do sell over the counter. If it’s something we don’t need to warranty for you, like a bottom case for a laptop, we can occasionally be arm-twisted into selling you refurbished parts when available. But in our experience it’s really not worth it unless you’re a trained technician.

Q: What warranty do you offer on computers you sell, and do you offer extended warranties?
A: All computers are sold with a 60-day parts and labor warranty standard. We offer extended warranties of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. Extended warranty prices vary according to the cost of the computer, but are generally comparable or less than other companies’ extended warranties.

Q: Where do you get the computers you sell?
A: Most of them come from folks like you, who have decided to upgrade, or switch to a different computer. We buy many of our computers one at a time, over the counter from walk-in customers. We also work with wholesalers around the country to buy larger lots of equipment, whether those be off-lease, liquidations, etc. All the computers we sell are rigorously tested, cleaned, and refurbished. Drives are wiped clean and fresh software reinstalled, and we stand behind each machine with a full parts & labor warranty.

Q: Do you recycle old computers?
A: We sure do. We believe strongly in being a green company and supporting the environment. We not only recycle the equipment we can no longer use in-shop, but we also will take any equipment you bring in for recycling as well and make sure that it is properly disposed of. We do generally charge a small handling fee but that’s only because our recycling company charges us a processing fee that we simply pass on.

Q: Do you sell or fix Windows PCs?
A: We sure don’t. We do what we do because we LOVE Apple products. While we acknowledge that Windows has its merits (we suppose), it’s not something that gets us excited to come to work in the morning. Now, if you have a “mixed environment” of Windows and Macs, or you’re switching from a PC to a Mac and want to transfer your files over, we certainly have the technical know-how to help you out and are happy to do so. But please don’t ask us to help you de-virus and remove some DLL’s from the registry on your uncle’s Dell computer, because our “Windows Repair Kit” is a hammer.